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SharpDownload is an Open-Source (GPL) Microsoft .NET Framework-based application for downloading files from FTP and HTTP servers. It is written in C#. For more detailed information, go to the sharpdownload sourceforge project page.

Latest News

Wednesday, 10-Sep-2003 : SharpDownload Version 0.5 Released

Major change: SharpDownload now saves the current status when it finishes

Other changes of note:

  • Download status on main form
  • Better event support to track the download status
  • Support for HTTP 302 redirect
Saturday, 16-Aug-2003 : SharpDownload Version 0.4 Released

Please try HTTP downloads - they should work OK :)

Other changes of note:

  • Code refactoring - fairly extensive
  • Trimmed down FTPClient - it now downloads, and that's about it
  • Added HTTPClient class for HTTP-specific download support
  • Added simple factory pattern - see ProtocolClient.cs for more info
  • Added a user control to show download status - it isn't pretty, but it works ;)
  • Changed source textbox to a combobox - there are two test downloads to trial (FTP and HTTP)

All source code has been put into sourceforge CVS

Thursday, 14-Aug-2003 : SharpDownload available in SourceForge CVS

I've completed uploading the source for SharpDownload to the SourceForge CVS servers. For those that are brave, feel free to download the source directly from CVS using your favorite CVS client. At present, I'm using TortoiseCVS because I quite like the Explorer interface. :)

I'm most of the way through implementing HTTP-based downloads, and have done some fairy extensive refactoring and cleaning up of the code.  I've also removed previous project references to nUnit and the Microsoft Exception Management Application Block until they are actually being used.


Functional Item Progress Due in Version
Monitor all downloads in a "Download Monitor" Complete 0.5
Save state on exit Complete 0.5
Download from secure FTP servers (user-id and password) Not started 0.6
Better error handling, recovery, retry on fail, etc. Not started 0.6 Logo